Bibliography of Wheaton Histories

Austin, Holcombe M. and Budd, Nancy Monick, W1959, editors. Alive and Well Said: Ideas at Wheaton. Norton, MA: Wheaton College, 1984. 214 pp.

“This anthology reflects the creative achievement” of many individuals through the first one hundred and fifty years of Wheaton College. Members of the Wheaton family, trustees, faculty, administrators, and alumnae are represented.

Boas, Louise Schutz. Woman’s Education Begins: the Rise of the Women’s Colleges. Norton, MA: Wheaton College Press, 1935. 295 pp., indexed, bibliography.

As indicated in the title, this text concentrates on nineteenth century social conditions, and the development of education for women, using Wheaton’s founding and growth as a case study. Boas was a Professor of English at Wheaton from 1929 to 1952, and wrote this history for Wheaton’s Centennial (at Pres. Park’s request), after Shepard’s Reference History was judged to be too detailed.

Clewes, Carolyn M. Wheaton Through the Years, 1835-1960. Norton, MA: Wheaton College, [1960]. 15 pp.

This very brief account, written for Wheaton’s 125th Anniversary, concentrates on the founding of the Seminary and the Nineteenth Century. Only a few pages are devoted to the 1912 to 1960 period. Clewes was a Professor of History at Wheaton from 1941 to 1980.

Helmreich, Paul C. Wheaton College, 1834-1957: A Massachusetts Family Affair. Cranbury, NJ & London, England: Cornwallis Books, 2002. 530 pp., illustrated, indexed, bibliography.

This study includes the updated text of Helmreich’s earlier history, and continues the story to 1957, when the Board of Trustees voted to significantly increase student enrollment.

Helmreich, Paul C. Wheaton College: The Seminary Years, 1834-1912. Norton, MA: Wheaton College, 1985. 143 pp., illustrated, indexed, bibliography.

This is a largely administrative study of Wheaton’s founding, nineteenth century history, and the change to college status. Helmreich, a Professor of History from 1957 to 1999, wrote this for Wheaton’s Sesquicentennial. Invaluable for its information on the Wheaton family, and for placing Wheaton in the context of education for women, it is the first of two volumes planned to take Wheaton’s history to 1962.

Larcom, Lucy. Wheaton Seminary: A Semi-Centennial Sketch. Cambridge: Printed at the Riverside Press, 1885. 94 pp., illustrated.

Written for the Seminary’s 50th Anniversary by one of Wheaton’s most eminent teachers, this volume is particularly useful for its cataloging of the accomplishments of many Seminary graduates. The lack of citations and index make this rather sentimental history difficult to use for research.

Paine, Harriet E., W1862. The Life of Eliza Baylies Wheaton: a Chapter in the History of the Higher Education of Women. Prepared for the alumnae of Wheaton Seminary…. Cambridge: Printed at the Riverside Press, 1907. 287 pp., illustrated. This book can also be viewed online at the Internet Archive.

Paine graduated from Wheaton Seminary in the Class of 1862, was a personal friend of Mrs. Wheaton, and knew many of her friends and associates. She had access to correspondence and diaries lent to her by Wheaton relatives, but now inaccessible. The lack of citations and index make this rather sentimental biography difficult to use for research. It is, however, an important source of information on the woman whose influence over Wheaton extended from its founding in 1834 until her death in 1905.

Shepard, Grace F. Reference History of Wheaton College. Unpublished typescript, 1931. 453+ pp., indexed.

Shepard, Professor of English at Wheaton from 1913 to 1940, had access to many borrowed letters, diaries, and other primary materials, which makes invaluable this otherwise too-detailed account. Many documents are transcribed in part or in full. Prepared for Wheaton’s Centennial, it was judged to be too descriptive, and Boas’ Women’s Education Begins was published in its stead.

Stickney, Zephorene L. & Davidson, Sandra C. Of All Our Immemorial Past: 150 Years at Wheaton. Norton, MA: Watson Gallery, Wheaton College, 1985. 97 pp., illustrated.

Written by the College Archivist (Stickney) and the then Director of Watson Gallery (Davidson) to complement a Sesquicentennial exhibit of the same name, this history covers the founding through the 150th anniversary in 1985. Numerous photos accompany the text.

Several copies of these histories are available in the Archives. Many of them may also be found in the Library’s circulating collection.