Reverend Samuel Wolcott Speaks at Commencement

The Reverend Samuel Wolcott speaks at commencement.

Born in East Windsor, CT, in 1813, Wolcott was the author of more than 200 hymns as well as articles on the archaeology of ancient biblical sites. He completed his studies at Yale in 1833 and graduated from Andover Theological Seminary in 1837. From 1840 to 1842, he was a missionary in Syria. On his return to the United States, he was successively pastor of Congregational churches in Longmeadow and Belchertown, MA, Providence, RI, and Chicago, IL, before moving with his family to Cleveland, OH, in 1862.

Wolcott served as secretary and treasurer of the Ohio Congregational Home Missionary Society and was a trustee of Oberlin College from 1868 to 1881. He died in Longmeadow, MA, on February 24, 1886.