1870 - 1931

Annie March Kilham

Annie March Kilham 1870 took a class in teaching at Wheaton in 1869-70 and remained at the Seminary to teach Latin, English, German, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Astronomy from 1870 to 1875 and in 1885-86.

A founding member of the Alumnae Association, formed by the Class of 1870 at their graduation, Miss Kilham was the president of the New England Wheaton Club and president of the Alumnae Association. A trustee from 1897 to 1931, Miss Kilham was only the third woman to serve as a Wheaton trustee. She was clerk of the board from 1908 to 1927 and a member of a trustees’ subcommittee established in 1911 to “consider the future policy of the school,” i.e. to determine if Wheaton should become a College.

Briefly in 1894-1895, Miss Kilham became the business editor of Rushlight, when it came under the aegis of the Alumnae Association.

Miss Kilham also taught at the Robinson Seminary, Exeter, NH, from 1875 to 1878, and then became its principal until 1883. She taught at Miss Emerson’s school, was appointed by the Governor for seven years as a visitor at the Danvers State Hospital (1913-1920), was a director of the Beverly Hospital, and was Secretary of the Massachusetts State Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Kilham Hall was dedicated to Miss Kilham.