Seminary Rules Compiled

Amelia Pond, a student, compiles a list of rules and regulations of Wheaton Seminary:

Pupils must not go to the Post Office without permission.

Promptness in everything is required of the pupils.

Rooms are to be visited only in recreation hours.

Teachers must not be interrupted in study hours except in case of necessity.

Pupils under 18 years of age are not to go to the store without permission.

All must keep Cash Accounts.

Must not go riding without Mrs. M[etcalf]’s permission.

Can’t go to ride without permission from home.

No gentlemen callers who do not bring letters of introduction are received.

Must not answer the doorbell.

No one to go out of their room to sleep without Mrs. M[etcalf]’s permission.

Pupils do not receive their gentlemen friends in their bedrooms.

Must not talk in the library.

Not to talk from windows.

Nothing to be thrown from windows.

Must not borrow money or wearing apparel.