1921 - 1940

Arthur Cutler

Arthur Cutler (1874-1945) was the College’s Business Manager from 1921 to 1928 and the Manager of the Department of Grounds and Buildings from 1928 to 1940. He and his wife lived for many years in the Cutler House, which later bore his name.

Mr. Cutler’s responsibilities extended to everything from maintaining the clocks to arranging for ringing the chapel bell on Sunday mornings, from new plantings to eradication of poison ivy, from repairing old buildings to overseeing the construction of new buildings and purchasing everything from soap dishes to pianos.

A rather unusual arrangement made by President Cole and extended by President Park allowed Mr. Cutler to charge to the college all garaging fees, gas, oil, tires, and maintenance of his personal car, as well as $1.25 for his lunches whenever he was in Boston (apparently every Thursday).

During Mr. Cutler’s tenure, major changes in maintenance included replacing the last of the college horses used for farm work and mowing with a tractor in 1938, and the installation of a large number of telephones in offices and faculty and staff suites.

Mr. Cutler and his wife Mabel (Hathaway) Cutler were popular members of Wheaton’s staff, and his retirement party was attended by a large number of faculty and administrative staff.