Bates Cottage

Dr. Leavitt Bates, who lived in the house at 5 Pine Street (Dr. Shook’s residence for many years, razed in 1957 for the construction of Young Hall), built this house for his son David Bates.

Purchased by the College in 1921 from Ellen F. Carpenter and, for a time, called after her, Bates Cottage was renamed in 1923 and used as a dormitory until 1927, when it was remodeled into faculty housing. The home of the head of the music department, its annex contained studios and practice rooms. In 1936, it was made into a two-apartment faculty house, and most of the studio wing was moved close to the Power House for use by Buildings and Grounds in 1963.

Bates Cottage received its name from Hannah Bradford Bates (daughter of David Bates). Miss Bates was born in the house, was a favorite of Eliza Baylies Wheaton, and was known as the “belle of Norton.” Hannah Bates attended Wheaton Seminary from 1848-1850. During all three years she attended, Hannah was enrolled in the “Third Class”, which probably indicates that she was a part-time student, taking only a few courses at a time. In her third year she studied music.

Hannah Bradford, as she was called to distinguish her from an aunt, married George Washington White and moved to New York. Her daughter became Mrs. Ruel Robinson of Norton, and Mrs. Robinson’s two daughters attended Wheaton. Hannah died at the age of 29 and was buried in the Center Cemetery on Pine Street, opposite her birthplace.