Peacock Pond

In 1929, a marsh was excavated and transformed into Peacock Pond, which, in its first years, was used for swimming, boating and skating. Seniors first floated their candles on it in 1930.

A contest to name the pond resulted in “Peacock Pond” or “Peacock Mirror” because the Chapel‘s weathervane is reflected on its surface.

Metcalf Temple, on the pond’s western shore, was constructed in 1935 using pillars from the porch of the original section of the Boarding House.

A wooden bridge also built in the 1930s was replaced with a cement bridge designed by Howard L. Rich, of Rich & Tucker Associates, in 1957. The location of the bridge was shifted north from the original bridge, which had been closer to the rocks. It serves as the main entrance to Lower Campus.

Over the years, Peacock Pond has been a favorite place of beloved Wheaton animals, including Cowduck and Dee the Dogg.