1934 - 1984

Madeleine Clark Wallace

An undated photograph of Madeline Clark Wallace

Madeleine Wyatt Clark Wallace, a member of the class of 1934, was born in Franklin, the daughter of the co-founder of Clark, Cutler, Mcdermott & Co., an auto parts supplier. Henry Ford would visit her family at her childhood home. She attended Dean Junior College and later Wheaton, graduating from the latter in 1934 with a degree in mathematics.

She had a great interest in music, and used to frequent Madame Johnson’s Music Salon, where she became acquainted with Arthur Friedler, conductor of the Boston Pops.  This love of music is enshrined at Wheaton in our campus carillon, donated by Madeline in honor of her 50th reunion in 1984. She also endowed the library, and was honored with its renaming for her on Library Day, October 12, 1984.