1998 - 2011

Dee the Dogg

Dee the Dogg, a border collie trained by a North Carolina organization called the “Geese Police,” is hired to chase off the many Canadian geese fouling the Chapel Field.

Dee the Dogg loved her work. She enjoyed the adulation of faculty, staff, students and visitors, the precious relaxation time in her kennel-style office and, most of all, rounding up those feathered interlopers with her handler and co-worker Ed Plausse, a mechanic and member of the grounds staff. For years, she was a familiar sight, patrolling the campus from the passenger seat of a golf cart, or bounding and splashing after geese.

The fact that Chapel Field can now be used as a recreational space testifies to Dee’s dedication and attention to detail. It also proves that geese do not appreciate how cute a border collie can be. In fact, Dee was so skilled at her profession that she often patrolled Norton schools, fields and parks in search of geese with whom she could play. Dee was presented with the college’s Vision of Service Award in 2007 for her excellent work.

Dee the Dogg, the first college employee to hold the post of avian deterrent, passed away on Friday, July 15, 2011, after a long, happy life. She was 16 years old.