Gebbie Hall

Built in 1992 and named for Marion B. Gebbie 1901 and the Gebbie Foundation, this was the first dormitory built since 1964. Fifty-two students are housed in suites of four or five, and each suite develops a theme it hopes will enrich the Wheaton and Norton communities.

When it first opened, Gebbie’s theme was “Coeducation and Community,” and it served as a laboratory learning environment where students examined gender as an element of their college and living experience. The Gebbie residents created programs to communicate what they have learned to the College community, and helped to recreate a “gender-conscious” environment in other residences, the classroom and in social activities.

Currently, Gebbie serves as suites that can hold any theme the school believes will be beneficial to all surrounding communities.

The Stone Building Company designed and built Gebbie Hall. Martin Sokolov was the architect. Gebbie Hall is Wheaton’s first residence hall designed to be universally accessible.