Beard Hall

Built in 2002, Beard Hall houses 100 students in suites and singles. Sited across from the corner of Howard Street at the intersection with Fillmore Drive, the construction of this dormitory required the removal of the infirmary built in 1954.

Beard Hall was designed for students to live in cluster arrangements that serve as “living and learning communities.”

Learning communities are created by students who seek ways to connect knowledge acquired in classes to co-curricular experiences outside the classroom. Clusters are focused around particular academic disciplines (e.g. biology majors involved in an environmental project; women’s studies majors working in a battered women’s shelter), or may be interdisciplinary in nature (e.g. chemistry and art majors exploring the properties of color; English and sociology majors creating a tutor/mentor program).

Learning communities may be student-generated or faculty-sponsored and may include students involved in research partnerships with faculty in a number of disciplines or in a single department.

The residence hall was named for trustee, Anson McCook Beard, Jr. and his wife, Jean Jones Beard 1965.