Catherine Filene Shouse

Catherine Filene Shouse was a member of the class of 1918. Daughter of Lincoln and Theresa Filene, Catherine organized the first Intercollegiate Vocational Conference for Women at Wheaton in 1917, while still a junior. Vocational conferences were held at Wheaton annually until the 1950s. Based on this experience, Filene founded Wheaton’s first Vocational Bureau, which assisted alumnae in locating employment.

She later published Careers for Women and continued her interest in women’s employment opportunities throughout her life. She is perhaps most famous as the founder of Wolf Trap Farm Park for the performing arts in Virginia.

The Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services, originally called the Filene Center for Work and Learning, was named in memory of Catherine Filene Shouse. In 1966, Catherine Filene Shouse was awarded an honorary degree.